24 thoughts on “ഗുല്‍മോഹറുകള്‍ .. | Gulmohar ..

  1. Ente moham, ente dhyanam…….., pathinalam vayassu muthal ente sirakalil padarnnu kayariya unmadam………
    Athanu njan vendennu vakkendathu……..

  2. Its a beautiful pic. It reminds me of Delhi roads. The route to our school was lined with Gulmohar trees. And there is this one image from my memory, which till date doesnt fail to move me. The image is of a gulmohar tree in full bloom. The blood red color was achingly beautiful in itself. But what was amazing were the birds on it. They were 7-8 birds perching on the tree and they were stark white. The contrast took my breath away.

  3. kalam thetti pookkunna pookal…
    ithalukal marichu pokunna kaalam varunnu

    vazhi mari oazhukunna puzhakal…
    ninte njarambile oro thulli chorayum vatti pokunna neram varunnu

    athinum munpe … oru divasam koodi..
    ente thodiyile pookal
    kozhiyathe ninnuvenkil …………….

  4. Pandu vaayicha oru kavitha orma varunnu

    Ormakal uundayirikkanam
    okayum vazhiyora kazhchakalayi
    pinnilaykku odi marayathirikkanam

    vakkinatay varnavumayi..
    gulmoharumayi nii eniyum ethuka..

  5. വടക്കന്‍ തെന്നല്‍ വാടകയ്ക്ക്കു എടുത്ത മുറിയില്‍ നിന്നാണോ?

  6. Today is world environment day ! And I am talking about global warming and blossoming of Gulmohar in wrong time. I noticed the date after making the above post.

    As per an article in The Hindu, the blossoming season of Gulmohar is April – May and due to global warming it continues till June.

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