Comment / Reply made elsewhere. To be updated in the above post:

1. They cannot collect data as India doesn’t have data protection guidelines thus makes it illegal

2. They cannot collect personal information as there are no privacy laws in India

3. The massive program is not approved by the people of India or the so called place where we dump “used toilet papers aka elected representatives”. Its not a law but a bill which will expire with the current parliament.

4. Because of reason one, the collected data can be handed over to say, enemy nations as it will not be illegal at all. Even for nuclear waste there are ways to dispose, but not for data handling.

5. In the case of a breach, IT act 2000 and its 2008 amendment is not powerful enough to take actions.

5. It cannot prevent black money as the technology has already surpassed it.

6. Identification of people cannot be done as I have met with people (A bank manager) who has 2 Aadhar cards for everyone in her family.

7. The program is marketed as if its a program authorized by the parliament, when it was just a opt-in program & then Govt made it mandatory for services which is violation of the Indian constitution which promises freedom !

8. There was no pilot phase done !! Even for a simple wordpress blog, people do pilot runs. My blog itself is broken now because I broke it with some caching + CDN experiments and I am not able to get it back for the life of me! Now where is a blog & where is Aadhar !!!

9. The error rate was not considered : the biometric system has a small % of error. There was an instance when we installed biometrics for around 40 people and out of which 2 were not able to authenticate themself. And this was not people who work in the construction, paddy field etc without identifiable artifacts.

Now with the error rate of 0.05 or which the UID authority says, considering there are 60 crore people trapped, the number of false positives will be around 36 Lakhs (as per UIDAI).

It was the argument by the UIDAI itself which they ignored so far. There is an investigation of a gang rape & if Aadhar card is used to identify the purpose, the false positives may include even the victim herself !

10. The parliamentary finance committee has questioned its feasibility, but no action was taken.

11. The data collection was flawed. The sub contractors where given to almost everybody including panwala’s & the data is lying around all over the place.

12. There was a hurry to signup as many as possible & UPA controlled places, the project was implements under the disguise of NPR. Someone whom I know had gone to take NPR and came back with Aadhar card’s acknowledgement.

Btw, I don’t think people didn’t oppose it when it was to be opposed. Also its not true that SC has said no to UID. Its still around as the biggest national risk, the biggest threat to our privacy & perhaps the biggest wastage of funds in the history of Republic Of India.