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Makedatu : Goat's leap

Makedatu (Mekedatu) is located 98 kilometers south of Bangalore and 35 kms from Kanakpura. Its suited for one day bike trips. The place has a “sangama” (confluence) of Cauvery and Arakavathi and about 4kms from Sangama, Cauvery and Arakavathi squeeze through a narrow gorge. Its said that even a goat can easily jump accross the Arakavathi there and hence the name “Makedatu” – meaning Goat’s leap in Kannada.


From Sangama you have to cross the river and walk or travel in a ‘special’ bus to reach the gorge. We walked to the gorge (4 Kms) and returned to the sangam in the “bus”.

The bus:

We met her/him on the way:

The steps which leads to the gorge …


More snaps

At sangam

More shots are here:

Caution: On the way there is a small ghat and the roads in the ghat are narrow and the hairpin bends are not marked properly. So if at all anyone is planning to visit makedatu, please be careful while driving.

(The trip was great. It left permenant marks on mind and body 😉 Thanks for arranging it guys – especially Kaushal)

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