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The Walking Twig

Hurray I shot the Twig Insect aka The walking twig!

As a child used to see various amazing insects like this one during my stay at Wayanad, and during my vacation visits to Wayanad. Most the time they never reappeared, I wanted to take the photos of them so that I can see them afterwards … and now I got first one of the Gang. But what about that black spider with orange and white strips all over the body ? And what about the Gaint Grasshopper with its red legs ? (I had caught the creature and put it inside a big bottle for sometime and then released it at the same place where I found it – no harm was done to the creature other than terrifying it) May be I will get a chance to see them again.

Todo: Write an article in Wikipedia about this amazing creature.

And now this brings the memories of Wayanad, My home, The Place I like most ….

Few shots from Wayanad @ the new Flickr Gamma

Bigger version of The Twig insect :

The walking stick @ 1024×768

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