Konfabulator Yahoo! widgets. Found this while searching for “flickr widget”. (hey thanks for mentioning about the widget pal)

Get it here: http://widgets.yahoo.com/

Desktop without the Widget (its a slow win box with 2.8GZ CPU and 1GB RAM. Sad. But Can’t help it)

voilà ! here is the desktop with the widgets, Two of them fetching photos from flickr, third one replacing the post-it notes.

The Bigger widget with tiled images is wickr Seems down but the page is there in Google cache

Splash !

This weekend we arranged a instant trip to “Wonder La”, a theme park near Bangalore. The place is clean and well maintained and they have more rides than we can cover in a day. The Laser show (Music fountain) is really amazing. The “Wave pool” is another attracting thingie they have.

One notable nuisance is that the pathways are made of concrete and becomes so hot that its very difficult or otherwise impossible to walk bare footed.
(one of the guys with us was crying in a peculiar sound similar to the name of the firm where he works. *hoo! …)

PS: llgal -R -a –cf .   Is used to generate fast thumbnails like https://freebird.in/wp-content/uploads/2006/03/index.html
The trip was interesting but the doubt still remains. Do we really need to pay them to hang you inverted ?


Shot taken during last Christmas season (2005) from Wayanad, Kerala. The harvesting is taking place at “Nemam Padam” in Wayanad. The woman in the photo belongs to the “Adiyan” tribe. The elderly adiyathi women are greeted as Perumatti.

Here are two more shots from the same location. And the tree in the pic is ‘Sacred Tree

Nemam Padam
The Sacred Tree