Finally a decentralized way of signing into multiple services is here. Now with Yahoo and Google supporting OpenID looks like it is going to take over the world and replace other authentication systems. (good by .NET passport !)
I was using my OpenID URI for sometime now & wanted to use my domain as my OpenID.

how to use blog URL (blogspot) or a domain as OpenID URL

  1. Sign up for an OpenID with a ID provider. ( is what I am using)
  2. open the index.html or template of your blog / website and add the following to head section.

<link rel=”openid.server” xhref=””  />

<link rel=”openid.delegate” xhref=””  />

The advantage of this method is that our OpenID will remain the same and we can change the ID provider.

In the case of a wordpress blog, we can edit the header.php file of the active template and add the above in the head section.

Enabling OpenID for wordpress blog

  1. get OpenID plugin for wordpress from here
  2. follow the instructions to activate the plugin
  3. if needed, edit the comments.php file of your template as mentioned the README file