Well, I didn’t kill the ‘cricket’. The fate was ‘already decided” by unknown forces. My mother wanted me to take the photo of these chillies and when i went there to take the snap, ‘the cricket’ was already lying there. As a common man, and I tried to ‘save cricket’. But it was too late and ‘cricket died forever’.

Some basic details about cricket and information about how to raise your own cricket, cricket suicide etc can be found here


For those who are not able to read malayalam:

I had visited kudiyanmala area of kannur in 2006 November.
I found a number of such concrete or wooden crosses in areas
like maavumchal, kottayamtattu, palathadam thattu etc.Upon
enquiring the localities told me that those crosses are to
frighten the ghost of janu. She was gang raped and killed in
that area. She was tortured and killed and after death her soul
is being tortured by the symbol of the man who sacrificed his life
for the entire human race ! That’s quite Funny isn’t it ?