Well what to say, me along with five friends took the pains to go and beat up a guy on his birthday and then found out that the “you know what” 😉 had given wrong information in orkut !
PS: don’t take the heading of the post seriously. And the above mail is an imaginary one

yes..this kozhikode beach,has stood witness to ma small feet learning to walk..the days when i couldn’t walk without holdling onto my dad’s hands,then it saw me building castles on its sand,then..it saw me beginning to notice the sunset..and then rush to the lion’s park..then it saw me with my friends celebrating after our exams..it saw me in mamas n pappas,it saw me going home in school bus..then…it saw me as a young girl,with the man of her dreams..it witnessed our dreams and visions,our pranks our secluded meetings…when no one was around to console…this beach had always been there..as a hand on the shoulder..Ever noticed something?this beach and de waves do not try to erase the name u write on the sand…neither is it the kind which pronounces its fathomless strength in its waves..it is mild,caring..and full of love…this beach is what i miss the most as i live out of the city.

— Anitha ( http://anithakaveri.rediffiland.com/)

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They Killed the President.

(Well, I don’t know whether they really killed him or it was just a drama.
anyway, atleast in the drama, they killed the president of a nation.)

Which country’s president will be hanged next ? Are they following lexicographical order ?

I, I, K ?

My country’s name also starts with I.
I love my land and I am afraid.

(shot near Medical College, Calicut, Kerala, India.)