Cross chain (Inter Blockchain communication) projects have been something I have been working for last 2+ years now. Transfer of assets from Bitcoin to Graphene like chains have been the essential focus. Right now on the second project on Peerplays, we have purely decentralized Bitcoin Asset Transfer nearing completion.


SONs aka Sidechain Operator Nodes are democratically elected, decentralized Bitcoin Gateways. The gateways are not just decentralized, we can also extend them to support other chains like EOS, Ethereum, Hive etc.

We are looking at only the transfer of assets or value. This means, records and contracts (smart-contracts) will not be transferred.

High Availability

One of the peculiar aspects is the usage of blockchain itself to do the heart beats to ensure the uptime. With 15 minimum number of nodes working in a decentralized manner and handshaking is our biggest challenge.


Peerplays Blockchain, Bitcoin libraries, ZMQ & Bitcoin Scripts Anyone interested to join this exciting project can find the code in progress here :

I had successfully running for a while withuot any issues. Then suddenly it stopped working. The configuration was never received on various devices. Unfortunately there was absolutely no information anywhere – no logs, search results returned big essays on OpenVPN.

There is a little handy command which can actually fix the issues in a moment.

Go to the VPN server and just run pivpn -d

Running the pivpn command with -d option fixes most of the issues.

Its diagnosis will be printed to the screen.

::::        Self check       ::::
:: [OK] IP forwarding is enabled
:: [OK] Ufw is enabled
:: [OK] Iptables MASQUERADE rule set
:: [OK] Ufw input rule set
:: [OK] Ufw forwarding rule set
:: [OK] OpenVPN is running
:: [OK] OpenVPN is enabled (it will automatically start on reboot)
:: [OK] OpenVPN is listening on port 1194/udp
::::      Snippet of the server log      ::::
::::        Debug complete       ::::
::: Debug output completed above.
::: Copy saved to /tmp/debug.txt