Its been sometime since I posted. I have been posting stuff at my flickr page. Today I got few wonderful comments on my blog and that forced me to restart posting.

This shot is from Z point, the sunset point at kemmanagundi. Its from last team outing. oh yea, I work with a wonderful group of people. 🙂

Looks like plagiarism and theft are the latest trends of the modern world !

Few months back there was lot of fuzz about the plagiarism of the blog “kariveppila

Now here is another incident. This time TOI (yea, Times of India) is the accused.

Please check this link and pass it on.

Well, stealing on flickr is not a rare incident !

I was writing and uploading photos of our pythal mala (hill) trip. Finally I ended up uploading too many photos of the leeches from that area and thought of posting them in a seperate thread. 🙂

This guy managed to suck some blood. (you can see pythal mala in the background.)

Leech bite: Thats Divakarettan. Our jeep driver. The poor chap was never bitten by a leech before.

They love posing for photos

My friend and divakarettan was complaing about me not getting ‘attacked’ by the leeches. They were of the opinion that I have “vatham” and thats why the leeches are not biting me. To speak the truth, I have been bitten on a daily basis during my lower primary school days. Anyway finally one tiny monster managed to bite me. Wikipedia tells me that leeches injects an anti-cogulant agent called hirudin and thats why its bleeds so annoyingly. oh yea, the bleeding is enough to scare the shit out of an ‘inexpericed’ person. So next time, when you are bitten by a leech don’t worry, get a small piece of paper and put it in the wound. It will stop bleeding immedeatly.