Bobinson is a peasant boy turned Entrepreneur and a documentary photographer. He loves to travel, rather wander, be free & interact with people. Free and Open Source initiatives and the resulting free knowledge sharing movement is the core of his belief system.

He is a Computer Science Engineer who has worked in Telecom and Cloud Computing domain. His areas of interest are Blockchains, high availability systems, application / code security, networking, distributed systems & social networking platforms.

You can find him on Linkedin | Twitter  | Hive BlogKeybase – if he is not reachable in any of these chances are that he will be wandering in some remote village or mountains.

Work and business

His first business venture was while in high school where he sold selling chewing gum to his classmates. Later during college final year he started teaching. The first step into business was LeapingFox – a web-hosting provider, which he co-founded. Later after his  stint with Lucent Technologies (Bell Labs) in Telecommunication and networking domains he founded Agileblaze, the cloud enablement and software consulting firm which he is transforming into a DevOps powerhouse under the brand name Migrate2Cloud. He is also interested in photography and digital media industry and has established associations with strategic partners. The resulting services and products were MangoPeel and IndiaVibes.TV : India’s first web-TV. He is interested in travel industry as well though the primary interest remains Technology.

Focus areas 

Blockchains, Cloud Computing, programming & networking security.   He loves to travel and does some documentary photography.

He belongs to or founded these communities:

  • Founding member at Kerala Startups Society
  • Swathanthra Malayalam Computing – my computer should speak my language.
  • Malayalikkoottam – A global community of photography enthusiasts.


He has handful of photography awards and exhibitions to his credit.

  • In 2007, Dakshinachitra in Chennai exhibited his rain photographs in an exhibition called “Mazhai”
  • In 2009 he organised the largest Independent  photography exhibition in Kerala named “Onakkazhacha” at  Durbar Hall Art Gallery where 84 Photographers from around the globe participated.
  • A curated collection of his photographs under the theme Decisive Moments was conducted in 2012
  • In 2013 He exhibited his work “A Journey Through the Jewish Remains in Kerala”

A long list of interests

freedom, spirituality, philosophy, travel, art, traditional art forms, nature, kites, love & pain, dreams, kites, free software, Malayalam, India, human rights, black red & yellow, people, rain, Kozhikode, Wayanad, computers, internet security, fighting cyber crime, law, philately, water painting, long walks, GNU/Linux & God.

an earlier version of this page was:

We all try to fill the emptiness around us with our Words, Our Voice, Our body and then We return to the emptiness. We take different paths and see things which others won’t. Let me try to fill the emptiness with the scenes I see. Let me fill the emptiness with my thoughts.