Walking away …

She is far away.
I have seen her walking away.
I have seen her walking away with my past.
But it can’t be real for the mirror says,
its an illusion.
its an illusiion.

Return of the Midfield Commander

The 2006 FIFA worldcup didn’t bring any stunning performances or scoring till the Brazil – France Match. This one was a bit different isn’t it ?. We must say Good bye to the Sluggish Ronaldo and Other senior Yellow Fighers.

I had taken few photos during my last Calicut / Kozhikode trip. They are posted below.

There is no Zidane or France, its all about Brazil, England and ofcource the unlucky princeArgentina

Three Stunning Goals:
(Yea, Now only 2 flags will get the chance to score in 2006)

We Prefer Death. Not defeat and Slavery:

Football Corner:

Football Jack

Samba Strikes again …

Some dreams are shattered, Some were simply unlucky. Sigh ..

Good luck Zidane