The colours are about to fade.
I have to face the chilling night alone.
But I am not worried.
For my heart is filled with dreams.
Dreams of the warm morning sun …

Return of the Midfield Commander

The 2006 FIFA worldcup didn’t bring any stunning performances or scoring till the Brazil – France Match. This one was a bit different isn’t it ?. We must say Good bye to the Sluggish Ronaldo and Other senior Yellow Fighers.

I had taken few photos during my last Calicut / Kozhikode trip. They are posted below.

There is no Zidane or France, its all about Brazil, England and ofcource the unlucky princeArgentina

Three Stunning Goals:
(Yea, Now only 2 flags will get the chance to score in 2006)

We Prefer Death. Not defeat and Slavery:

Football Corner:

Football Jack

Samba Strikes again …

Some dreams are shattered, Some were simply unlucky. Sigh ..

Good luck Zidane

and ?

ok, the usual crap.

Blue Sky, Spotless, Clouds, Pollution, Environment day which happen to be on a day before Google launched Google Spreadsheets aka devil’s day for Microsoft ?

really ?

(.. view from a hospital room in Blr ..)

ok, 12x optical zoom & 36x Digital zoom is not that Big. Sigh

(the eagle was sitting on top of the exhaust pipes shown above)

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