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When Dan Brown’s Code is broken

Well I really don’t think there is anything to be broken in the The Da Vinci Code but I found the following intresting. In short the following links says how Francis Kodankandath, a national award-winning artist breaks(?) the conclusions of Dan Brown

( I had talked to Francis Kodankandath. And he consider’s Da Vinci Code as just another novel. )

The church in the photo is St.Philomena’s Church, Mysore, India

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  1. hmm everyone knows how things are and keep saying bla bla bla 😀 including me LOL

    mmm and for me anyway its worth reading second time hmm yeah its also a refreshing beofore going to watch the movie.


  2. >don’t you think its silly to have a war about a fiction

    yes its a novel. just another novel. and discussing it is like questioning some incident from “Lord of the Rings” – say we are not supposed to say that Gandalf should not fall down at helms deep or it was more “believable” if Harry potter used a helicopter to travel instead of a broom stick.

    There is a saying which every kid knows: “you are not supposed ask questions about a story”

    so as far as im concerned there is no “war” about the story, fiction, novel called “Da Vinci Code”. I found another argument and provided the links. Chances are that those arguments are wrong.

  3. Hey why can’t you guys take a novel as a ‘novel” ??
    don’t you think its silly to have a war about a fiction 🙁
    i read da vinci code and reading it for the second time now..still I read the Bible daily and believe in things what I used to believe ….so who has the problem ?

    Da Vinci Code is a novel I read novels enjoy them take whats useful in it and leave the reat

  4. I think Da Vinci Code is unnecessarily hyped. It sure helped the book though 🙂 The claims he makes might seem incredibly persuasive to someone who doesnt know the other side of the story.
    But when you actually dig in deep, there are lots of fallacies that would crack the case. Whoever is convinced of Dan Brown’s side of the story, should take time and effort to listen to the other side too, and then decide for himself/herself.