Marriage #6

This sunday we attended a friend’s marriage. Got a chance to meet old buddies and have wonderful food. And at the end of the function they gave us some goodies to take home :-). Well the intresting thing is that this was the sixth (or is it 7th) arranged love marriage I had atteneded in a row. Half a dozen. Now thats something right ? Way to go …

Best wishes A & R !

A Courier

Yesterday I received a untidy, box shaped courier.

On removing the paper covering I found a thermocol box and a small bottle of fish pickle kept inside it. I wanted to taste the fish pickle from the first day I heared about it – a friend told me. And this is my chance to taste it. At times we see our lives taking unexpected turns and crumbling us & then it surprises us by fulfilling even the smallest of our wishes. Here, I just came across such an incident.
My dear friend instead of thanking you, I can believe in The Alchemist quote “When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.” and keep silent.

One glass to friendship’s glory lend,
That makes all sorrows lighter—
O happy he who owns a friend!
Heaven has no blessing brighter.
Our joys to swell, our griefs to share
While by life’s storms we’re driven,
Our conscience to direct us here,
Our friendly staff for heaven.


The Future:
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Hey Smilebringer, Thanks for taking me to the wonderful world of Minstrels !

We mounted Tadiyendamol

Tadiyendamol is the highest peak in Kodagu district of Karnataka – 1746 meters above sea level. The trekking starts at kakkabe village which is 45 kilometers from Madikkeri (Mercara). The road ends about 5.5 kilometers from the peak. There is about 1.5 kilometers of pathway which only a 4 wheel drive vehicle can cover. We started walking from the place where the tarred road ends – at 10 am.

We got details about the route to Kakkabe from Rony – the Jeep driver whom we met at Madikkeri. The route as per him was like this :

From Madikkeri take the Talakaveri route (left) and we reached Bettageri and travelled for another 7 kms or so and reached nopkyl (spelling is incorrect). We took the same road as per his instruction and reached Kakkabe. Thanks Rony !

Sorry Sir. But this is not the peak !
When we saw the mountain shown below, we thought this is the peak we are going to climb but this one turned out to be very small.

At the bottom of the peak you reach a point where the narrow path diverts in two directions. If we take the left route and roam around a lil bit we reach here.

oh! this is not that easy.

This is the most difficult area in the entire trekking …

I Conquered.
We reached the peak at 2:40 PM. It took us 4 hours and 40 minutes to reach the summit. In between we halted for about 1 hour to take rest and have food.
(Even at 1746 meters above the sea level we found that Airtel, BSNL and Hutch had coverage ! I made few calls from the peak and received a call too – where ever you go atleast one network follows you.)

How to Go back ?
There is a stone at the summit and it look like a cube.

Lets have some glucose

Time to Go back
We spend around half an hour at the peak and started descending. It took as nearly 3 hours to reach the point were our vehicle was waiting.

The photo given below shows most of the path we have covered during the trekking.

( Our driver Shanker was waiting all this time for us. Around 8 hours. Thanks for the wonderful driving shankar ! )

More snaps are here :
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