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A Courier

Yesterday I received a untidy, box shaped courier.

On removing the paper covering I found a thermocol box and a small bottle of fish pickle kept inside it. I wanted to taste the fish pickle from the first day I heared about it – a friend told me. And this is my chance to taste it. At times we see our lives taking unexpected turns and crumbling us & then it surprises us by fulfilling even the smallest of our wishes. Here, I just came across such an incident.
My dear friend instead of thanking you, I can believe in The Alchemist quote “When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.” and keep silent.

One glass to friendship’s glory lend,
That makes all sorrows lighter—
O happy he who owns a friend!
Heaven has no blessing brighter.
Our joys to swell, our griefs to share
While by life’s storms we’re driven,
Our conscience to direct us here,
Our friendly staff for heaven.


The Future:
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Hey Smilebringer, Thanks for taking me to the wonderful world of Minstrels !

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  1. da dare u put that fish pickle on that bed? grrr…just kidding da.. 😉
    so thats the story of the fish pickle which u never told me….X-( …