6 thoughts on “A cartoon about us ??!!!

  1. Here is one comment from that site abt this cartoon:-

    KK E-Mail :[email protected] :Let me tell you one things. There is something called “Kapada samskaaram”. When people from Kerala blames the things which deviates from the so-called Kerala samskaaram, I used to think. Keralathil joliyillathe comment adichu nadakkunnatho samskaaram? Vazhiyil pokunna penpillere nokki commentadichu nadakkunnatho samskaaram? blue film kand~ vellamadich~ pimpiriyaayi nadakkunnatho samskaram? rashtriyam kalich~ bus-n~ kalleriyunnatho samskaaram. What you are doing with ur talent might be a good thing. I agree it is a good thing. But insisting that people follow the so-called “Samskaram” is bad. My personal opinion. Ningal parayunna mathiri oru samskaram keralathinundenkil that’s because of suppressing of talents, suppressing of freedom and suppressing of creativity. Oru vikrutha samskaaram ippol valarnnu varunnundenkil athinu purakile kaaraNavum ee “Kapada samskaaram” thanneyaaN~… Anyway good that you have a provision for comments

  2. Maanichaayanu chorinju varunnandalle… kudumbapperum parents inte nilayumvilayum indiayude samskaaravum onnum nokkaathe penkuttikal… !

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