Hope. promise. love. companionship.


(Sainte-Anne-de-Beaupré / St. Anne Basilica Quebec, Canada)

He stood there in despair. lost.

The church bells cleansed his mind ….

The old lady smiled at him …

The Golden doors opened and soothing music flowed in …

Was it a dream ?

A Pilgrim's Prayer

He stood there with his hands over the flame. He was doubtful.
He was not feeling the heat. There was no place to return.
There was nothing to go back to. He prayed for a friend then for
the Easter’s gift. At a souvenir shop he promised to be back with his
dreams & hope and he will.

A Pilgrim’s Prayer

Saint Anne, I have come to honor you and to call upon you in this blessed Shrine of Beaupré. Here, pilgrims have often felt some of the fruits of your goodness, power, and intercession. Like every true pilgrim, I also have favours to ask of you. I know that you will be as good to me as you have been, in the past, to thousands of others who have come to implore you in this Shrine. Saint Anne, you know the grace of which I stand most in need at the present moment, the special favour for which I have undertaken this pilgrimage. Hear my prayer. I entrust to your care, all of my material and spiritual needs. I commend my family, my country, the Church, and the whole world to you. Keep me faithful to Christ and His Church and one day, escort me into the Father’s Eternal Home.


(To all beauty and hope in life.)

6 thoughts on “A Pilgrim’s Prayer.

  1. i agree to ashok …even though im not much of spiritual person this makes me happy

    Hope. promise. love. companionship.

    & prayers .. lovely thoughts,`

  2. cool post….i read through this post daily..but i got time to write a comment on this..wonderful pictures to go with words of hope and prayer..

  3. bob, you are one person who loves this worl so much

    I loved your hope and determination. i didn’t most of your write up but i guess there is someone who understands it 😉

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