Brutality against mosquitoes in Cochin.

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Brutality against mosquitoes.

Cochin was earlier known as Queen of the Arabian Sea when humans were under control of the city. Recently with the help of a special agency called GCDA who specializes in cultivating, training and building intelligent living spaces for mosquitos the city was successfully handed over to mosquitoes. Even today the corporation, GCDA, health department, tourism department, IT department etc try to attract humans both desi, NRI, NRK, foreigners etc by various means. Recently the IT department played major role by attracting well fed, educated engineers with extra large bellies from various parts of the country and they are mostly allotted in certain areas like kakkanad where mosquitoes from other areas given access restricted by weekly passes. Government is planning other special areas like smart city to increase the comfort levels of mosquitoes.

Tourism department organizes special programs in association with GCDA and Cochin corporation to attract foreign crowd. This ensures that mosquitoes are fed with blood belonging to various human races.

In addition to the existing canals and marsh lands GCDA and corporation is working on elaborate plans to create poth holes across the roads which will enable more mosquitoes to breed every year.

But the recent times the human population in Cochin has become increasingly intolerant towards our fellow mosquitoes. They accuse mosquitoes of causing discomfort and itching after they are provided with meals. Innocent mosquito population in Cochin are also accused of causing  minor problems like death, long term illness like ChickenKuniya, dengi etc. They comfortably ignore the fact that ChikenKuniya is caused by over consumption of Chicken and minor problems like death are caused by natural spiritual causes which completely non-related to mosquitoes and their diet habits.

The government also noticed that humans are killing mosquitoes using brutal methods  like electrified bats, certain poisonous liquids etc. Al-Out is believed to provide the Cochin population with liquids with extra MMR. Other outfits like Gud-NeT also believed to operate distribution chains in the Cochin area.  Its a irony that the same humans were protesting against killings of couple of hundreds of humans or economic down turn.

A little known outfit believed to be operating out of country with a ‘wall’ is illegaly distributing deadly equipments resembling to tennis rackets. These weapons are charged from 230V A/C power consuming electric power and then used to kill mosquitoes.

This correspondent witnessed certain inhabitants of the city killing innocent mosquitoes with these deadly weapons. The poor mosquitoes are first lured close humans and then they are struck with electrified bats causing to blast into tiny pieces.

One inhabitant who calls himself “Intruder” said that more than killing the mosquitoes he enjoy the sound of them exploding !! He claims those deaths give him peace of mind.

This correspondent who had successfully reported the attack in Mumbai and increased the rating of TV channels never had such difficulty in reporting and selling the killing in Mumbai. But this is far too cruel than anything I have ever seen. The following photos and dead mosquitoes will give you a clear picture of brutality done against mosquitoes in Cochin. This high time for us to reach out and save the life innocent mosquitoes in this city.

I have provided AB+ type meal to few mosquitoes while making this report. Now this is your turn to act against this vandalism.
DSC_3927 DSC_3930

After a swift attack with a bath towel


Extra MMR @ work ( ants feasting on mosquitoes killed by some anti mosquito liquid) DSC_3092

Now the facts (as per humans) :

The above photographs are of my poor legs and the mosquitoes are not animated. This is the normal amount of mosquitoes you find in Cochin. I am not living in a dungeon or a sh*t hole. I moved to Cochin recently and living here from November 15, 2008. I have become allergic to mosquito repellents and now facing breathing trouble and can’t sleep during the nights because I can’t breath !!!! Now I am allergic to dust and can’t even with stand the dust on the roads. I am done with this. This is not the story of me alone. This will be story of lakhs of others living in Cochin. This is probably one of the only places in the world where the streets smell of mosquito to repellents during nights. And all this is happening in the state who boast of some 100% literacy, Gods own country, devils on people and other such crap.

( I hope my ‘leg + insect’ photography will not cause any problems this time ! sigh. Also I am surprised by the fact that someone who had quit what he is best at due to humans is back to this space because of these tiny creatures. More about that later.)

6 thoughts on “Brutality against mosquitoes

  1. Firstly, this blog post is too funny. Very well writen my friend.

    Only thing I was considering a move to Cochin with my wife and this has scared the hell out of me. Especially the photographs.

  2. Lol ! Unbelievable but true.. cos I too hail from the ‘brutal’ city of Cochin :).. And yes, what you said about the electrified bats are true.. I enjoy the ‘zap’ sound of hearing another sucker dead even more than just the killing.. cos anyways, you know for sure there are millions out there 🙂

    Your photos are gory !

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