Gone are the days when our mothers
pampered and helped us in every decision you made.
Gone are the the days when she helped us to to walk.
Now its our own life and our own paths.
Its our choices that forms our tomorrows.
Yea, It feels a bit like dancing in the fire.
But there is no time to loose –
there is nothing to wait for.
Keep dancing or else you will get yourself burned.


taken at freedom JAM (no bread) 2007, at palace grounds bangalore, India. This is the pyro technic stuff they did infront of the stage where they were the bands were playing.

no bread was the most cruel and ugly slogan I have ever came across in mylife. It was true also. cafe coffee day who sells one glass of coffee for Rs 50/- ( which is around 1$) was one of the sponsors !

11 thoughts on “dancing in the fire

  1. Of course not ! Most of the time when I sat with sadhu, wether in villages or town, a bunch of grihast – housholder- where around, eager to get some knowledge. I’ve seen a lot of exchange. They would care about tea and prepare food, while asking advices to the holymen. Beside this, sadhu life is not really a life of pleasure. They have no belonging, sleep in the most simple way, on the floor in open air most of the time, and can spend several days without food when travelling and nobody give them anything. I’m talking of REAL sadhu. To me a real sadhu is someone who doesn’t beg for money or anything. Just live on what “god” send him true the medium of people or nature. I think they struggle hard to maintain their faith and do good to the society at least as much as anyone else. Hmmm… long answer, sorry…

  2. Good one, at first glance I thought it was a flower… Burning is a continuous process, that’s exactly what life consists in : burning AND beeing burned. No way to avoid this, except may be… the sadhu way ? :))

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