its full of faces.
the ones which loves you,
the ones which sorely misunderstood you,
the ones that betrayed you.

they can redirect our life into all possible directions.
what is a wrong decision ?
something which makes us stronger.
i thank my wrong choices.
i thank those who formed vague refelections in my mind and
forced me to take them.

do you believe in them ?
damn it.
you will believe when you write about death and how easily you can handle it,
and then the next day morning you find any of your loved ones dead.
life is full of coincidences with mathematical precision.
I swear.

18 thoughts on “[false reflections.]

  1. >you will believe when you write about death and how easily >you can handle it,
    >and then the next day morning you find any of your loved >ones dead.

    True BKB… At times such accidents , reveal the hypocrisy with which you go ahead with in life.
    At the end of the day – “Live for what you believe in, even if it means laying down your life for the same. “

  2. @mathai

    hey thanks for the link.

    “Invite the symbol of instinctive cleverness into your world and you will be lead by it in your later life. Forget all of your ifs or buts, conquer all your intellectual blocks in this way and begin to trust your instinctive wisdom which will show you the right way.”

    this sounds good.

  3. nothing like that Mithun. 🙂

    @vishnu: I have been reading few books where I found characters resembling people around me. (including me). Among them, “unforgettable lightness of being” talks about the coincidences. Kundera says, its those coincidences which makes our lifes beautiful.

    I drew the pic. as you said, it was better if I was able to give some contrast to the faces. Now they looks dull and empty.

    @ ikru:

    ninte vishwasam ninne rakshikkatte …

  4. I strongly detest all those people who love Alchemist by coelho.
    I thought it was a waste of time with some cheesy, attractive one liners.!!!!

  5. Nice attempt.
    I strongly agree with your idea that wrong decisions gradually help you become stronger. “Wrong” is a supposedly “right” in our minds and the wrong decisions are always positively biased with fear,I believe. Most of often we know the right path, the difficult path. But we dont choose to take it, instead we choose the wrong path, the easier one, the path laden with red roses(symbolic).

    Coincidences, yeah they should be of true mathematic precision. I believe in the cause and effect chain of life although I might contradict myself by saying that I rest my ears to listen to those theories of unpredictable probabilities that virtually tends to zero with the number of possible outcomes. I dont consider myself a nihilist, maybe yeah, confused.

    Whats with the pic? Who drew it? The faces should have been contrasting to each other inorder to portray your idea i guess.
    I dont know what you try to convey through that pic.

  6. life is sometimes the choice that we know only when we have made it and already going through that.. choices made unknowingly….. regtret but sorry.. u cant go back… well life has no Ctrl + Z

  7. A Divine Image
    by William Blake

    Cruelty has a Human heart
    And Jealousy a Human Face,
    Terror, the Human Form Divine,
    And Secrecy, the Human Dress.

    The Human Dress is forgéd Iron,
    The Human Form, a fiery Forge,
    The Human Face, a Furnace seal’d,
    The Human Heart, its hungry Gorge.

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