(vasantharagam 2006, Chirst College Auditorium, Bangalore)

Ho ho ! Everyone knows the famous singer Chitra (Six time national award winner) but who is the guy ? He is my dear roomie, friend, class mate etc etc. Today is his birthday! I think yesterday night he was expecting a cake and atleast a dull Happy Birthday wish from me. Somehow I decided against it and thought of doing it here. 😉

Happy Birthday My Dear Friend ! Happy birthday 007 !! (yea that is 007)

(Bang ! when he sees this, he is going to call he and greet me with all those funny names he calls me – sorry I can’t list any of them here :D)

ok, now thats two birthday wishes in a row. Lets talk about the music show – Vasantharagam 2006. First things first. The program started 1 hour late. The audience was losing patience – those who were not having their families with them. The ones with family still showed the gentleman ettique. LOL

Other than the IST part, the event was well organized. And featured Chitra, Sujatha, M Jayachandran, Afsal, Jyothsana, Alex, Remi Tomy and others

Kudoos to the organizers !

Some of the videos are shared below:

Karalinte Karale : Remi Tomy, Afsal

Mayangippoyi : Chitra

Kusuma Vadana Moha sundara.. : Remi Tomy, Jyothsana

10 thoughts on “Ho Ho !

  1. Hey,

    Nice pic. Nice of you to get it for your friend. But I am still baffled at how you got it. Usually, the performers are so busy and leave right after a show. Can you elaborate on the story?

    Moreover, do you have any more videos from the show. I have finished watching the three up there:-)

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