I signed into my wordpress account after a long time & the greeting message said “It’s so nice to have you back where you belong“. Well yea I was away for a long time. But I was busy traveling. I will be back my dear blog.

A Theyyam photo I took recently & named the one who loves, the one who protects.

(The expression on this theyyam’s face & the way she is holding the sword forced me to give the caption.) Its thaypparadevatha theyyam @ naduvilathu kottam, pilathara, payyannoor, kannur. Kottam is a collection of 2 – 3 temples which is normally called in other parts of kerala. തായ്പ്പരദേവത തെയ്യം. കണ്ണൂരില് പയ്യന്നൂരിനടുത്തുള്ള പിലാത്തറയിലെ നടുവിലത്ത് കോട്ടത്തില് നിന്നും. Info: This photo is taken while the theyyam was making rounds around the temple. I had split of a second to click.

30 thoughts on “It’s so nice to have you back where you belong

  1. @ harimenon yes ! that was exactly what I tried. Actually I decided about this shot while the theyyam was about to take the last round about the temple (kottam). It that round the theyyam was not keeping the sword like this and at the last rotation, i could see the theyyam keeping the sword in this position and clicked. I had very short time you see 🙂

    And I have posted the low shutter pic for u 🙂

    thanks !

    @ prasanth jose thanking you buddy !

  2. This is an excellent one.. I personally would’ve liked to see the other eye a wee bit more clearly.. (Sword position though is great), but then I’m sure you had ‘time constraints’ ! 🙂

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