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  1. hey,
    if u wanna watch malayalam movies online
    go to malayalampadam.com or movieboard.co.nr
    for malayalam torrents go to
    tmstorrents.com or mallutorrents.com ( it’s working)

  2. I am also not able to log into the mallutorrents website…what happened to it???can somebody suggest any new website???

  3. The mallucafe.co.nr is nolonger there, they have removed the site
    after the news in asianet. So no movies are available for download.
    Please let me know if you find a alternate site

  4. these guys are in the news now…
    They seem to share new movies from their site..
    I saw this post and the news about mallucafe in Asianet on the same day.. conci…

  5. i request you to remove all tags “nitinglobal” “mallucafe” from flickr and ur site related to this issue. its not possible to find the real owner of every photos i get through mail and through my friends so once again i apologise abt this………

  6. Hi im the owner of mallucafe i told u one of my friend gave me that photo and i put those copyrights to attract visitors and i removed the pic from my site on ur request. its not good to publish like i stealed ur pic. if i want i can still display that pic but i removed it when i came to knw its urs. i said sorry for that then why u publishing like i stealed ur thing.


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