( Monsoon @ Mananchira square, Calicut/Kerala. )

( Monsoon & Football fever. SM Street, Calicut/Kerala. )

near my home ..

finally I got a chance to go home, drench in the rain and take some snaps.

49 thoughts on “Rain …

  1. Dear Bob,

    These pics are fantastic. It reminds me of my days in Calicut.
    Those were the most happiest days of my life.

    Thank you again
    Rahul Wadke

  2. I grew up in Kozhikode and left the place in mid-70s. Luckily, nothing much has changed in places that matter…..SM Street, Manachira, Palayam and the rains, of course !!

  3. heyyyy brother all photos is very well……
    i ma soo happy dear coz i like alotof rain…….
    i ma searching for rain photos …but i hv not get sofar….
    tks alot…….

  4. That picture of Mananchira square evokes so much of nostalgia… Nice pics, Bob! Next time you go home, try going to some interior places… Sometimes they are so much more beautiful than the normal places we see!

  5. too gud..alla..adipoli….its nice to see n foster the thoughts of homeland…missing the rainy days this year as well..am from Palakkad natural studio of south India..but now in US…a Good job from U..keep it up

  6. well my dear fellas, I am overhelmed by the response to these photos. Thanks a lot, thanks to the rain.

    I have some more photos. I will post them asap. And will try to get some more.

    so shaheer, clash I will try to get somemore.

    Sorry for not replying to ur scraps, but see im a busy (lazy ) person …

    Pulkit, im feeling proud of u mate. u still remember those days ..

    yes of course, as everybody says “those were the days”

  7. hi buddy,

    my hard disk crashed couldn’t work for a while so thought of visiting ur blog..and guess what i found dear ol kozhikode….manachira square….and the rain drenched streets…..could smell the rain drops and the soil……sometimes i miss those good ol days…when we had time to njoy the rain…..

    gr8 job man…..liked the second one…

    take care

  8. Hey!!! Nice pictures of Manachira Square…Feeling Nostalgic….here it wud rain only by July ….Waiting for Monsoon

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