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  1. I challenge you !!

    Wait till september, I will go back to my school in Wayanad (just 14 hr journey from here), will take a pic and will post !

    Very nice pic Robinson. Loved it.

  2. beautiful.. 🙂 brings back childhood memories of when i used to visit the village in bangladesh.. and the best thing is.. the kids always look so happy.. 🙂 and rain is always gorgeous… anywhere 🙂

  3. @ lijo thanks for the comment !

    @nina, will check it out sometime 😉

    mone, misheife, ee schoolu kore vellam kandatha angane onnum mungilla.

    Adjacent to the school there is a Tribal colony. It seems the intentions of the starting a school at this location was to provide easier access for the tribals. Anyway most / all of the tribals in the colony attends school atleast until they fail in 10th std.

    The children shown in http://www.freebird.in/wp/?p=51 also studies here.

  4. Fantastic combination. The paddy field and the muddy road….

    i am thinking abt an school with a paddy field sideby. what an amazing atmosphere !!!