They Killed the President.

(Well, I don’t know whether they really killed him or it was just a drama.
anyway, atleast in the drama, they killed the president of a nation.)

Which country’s president will be hanged next ? Are they following lexicographical order ?

I, I, K ?

My country’s name also starts with I.
I love my land and I am afraid.

(shot near Medical College, Calicut, Kerala, India.)

6 thoughts on “They Killed. (?)

  1. usa invaded iraq etc for oil not to makee things better /things aree not good in usa too.saddam killed lot of humans and thus he was killed too.silly that we go on strike coz he was killed.doing something positive when somebody is alive is appreciated not even crying on a dead body is of any use.
    keep ur doors locked b4 usa or somebody comes knocking.protect our own is our motto and human race will survive if we all are one not divided coz of religion/colour/boundary/etc
    one race for one planet=see if ur genes xx environment affects u?

  2. I would call one significant part of the Saddam hysteria as “manufacturing a martyrdom”. Saddam happened to be the “good boy” in the middle east for U.S. (and even India) before. Also his relatively secular outlook and urge for developing his nation could qualify him to be a relatively “benevolent dictator” during his early tenure. He was also the sole Arab nation head who openly supported India on the Kashmir issue. All these might add leverage to his image in India or elsewhere but the bottomline remains; he did mass murder people and that too wasn’t a mere survival exercise.

    Now there is no point in comparing him with his “prosecutor” a.k.a George W Bush. By any yard stick if Saddam was a cruel dictator Bush should be called “Count Dracula” (the blood thirst vampire who hunts at night). But here the question is not about any “poetic justice”. It is rather a tussle of power. I do not agree with elevating Saddam to the level of Cheguera and for that matter condems his death too.

    Your last statement is an ever relavent one. “Freedom is not a static right, it is a struggle too”. If next ‘I’ is India the solution lies in being vigilant and uphelding our independence as against “mere US appeasement” tactics in international politics.

  3. and my grouse or problem was abt the word “president”..:)…he was a military ruler…who would have titled himself president, or watever…but comparing him to a president of a democratic country, like India, (or even US, for tht matter), isnt tht stretching things !..:)..

  4. Hmm..nice pic, but the selection of papers, kinda colors the words tht they use..Madhyamam and Chandrika are not entirely unbiased..:)…also, while I do not support American ‘imperialism’ in anyway, does Saddam Hussein’s ‘martyrdom’, atone for his previous misdeeds?…Chemical warfare agnst Iran (with CIA support, of course), massacre of Kurds, Attack on Kuwait and all tht, and ignoring/ brutally suppressing (depending on the kinda papers you wud want to read), the reasonable democratic wishes of the Shia majority…..well, “As you sow, so you reap”….

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