Rain …
I have seen people who are madly in love with rain.
The same rain which kills people.
For me they are people who either want to
taste the tasteless tears of nature Or
they are the people who want to taste
the tasteless tears since they are bored of
the salty tears from their own eyes.

Note: this is the first photo where I have given link to picasaweb. The Flickr.com pages are not accessible in some countries. I have no comments about that. But looks like it needs lot of political power to break the ‘offensive great walls’. I hope my dear flickr and good old Yahoo! will be able to gain that power sometime in the near future. I am not getting addicted Picasa just because its free. Free of cost doesn’t always means “Freedom”. It was കൈപ്പള്ളി / kaippally who pointed out that flickr pages are blocked in many countries. Thank you very much and this post is dedicated to you.

4 thoughts on “Alone.

  1. well I as farhana said I love rain. I was trying to look at rain with a non biased view. in my flickr page i wrote,

    Who am I

    I am that kid who once ran after rain ”

    I have no justification or reason for loving rain. But its not the ‘romantic effect’ of rain that made me love rain

    >there are hundreds of people dying due to heat strokes

    yea ! and no one blames their hearts as some people critisizes people who blames rain 🙂

  2. no way.. bobinson loves rain!

    i love rain too.. its beautiful.. 🙂 the skies, the thunder, everything that accompanies it.. the whole package is amazing..

  3. Shucks you cant be hating rain so much …. if you think that way, there are hundreds of people dying due to heat strokes and millions dying due to cold !! 🙂 So dont blame just the poor rains 🙂 I wish it rained now !!

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