in rain

An umbrella of dreams.

സ്വപ്നങ്ങളുടെ കുടക്കീഴില്‍

When you held your umbrella over me
The rain in my heart stops
We two snuggle close together Under an Umbrella
My umbrella of ongoing loneliness drifts away
Our love is our umbrella now
Separate from people coming and going around us
We dance Under an Umbrella

The above lines are from
Lyrics by: Asa Akane Music and
Arrangement by: Haneda Kentaroo
Performed by: Doi Mika Copyright 1984
by Victor Music Industries, Inc., Japan
This translation 1987 by Michael House.

I found this on searching for “under the same umbrella + dreaming” on google. The name I had thought for the image was “സ്വപ്നങ്ങളുടെ കുടക്കിഴില്” / swanangalude kudakkeeshil in malayalam

The photo is taken from Calicut/Kozhikode beach. My beloved hometown.

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  1. Rather sweet lyrics, there.
    Any suggestions as to where (ie. which online music site) from which one could listen to the melody..? Thank you. 🙂
    Do take care & Wishes,

  2. Rain, Love …..

    ” njaanullappol ee bhuumiyil oru mazhaykkum thanichu peyyeendi varilla ……
    neeyullappol enikkorikkalum thanichu nanyeendiyum varilla …..”

    [Translation]- “No drop of a rain that kisses the land shall feel lonely as long as I am there. And never shall I be rinsed in loneliness when you are there….” 🙂

  3. When it rains…
    I am there next to him
    The rain drops were dancing just for us…
    He holds me
    And makes me hear his heart beats…
    I listened and rejoiced…
    He looked into my eyes
    And saw the occean…
    I closed mine…
    My last vision was he
    He smiled and looked seaward
    He was feeling the rain, sea and me…
    In the palms of his hands
    I felt the fragrance of my life and destiny

    When it rains
    We were alone there
    In that sea shore,
    Free zed and crystallized…
    When a wave hugged us
    We melted
    We flowed across the time and space
    We passed through the silence of love
    We blossomed in those unremembered seasons

    When it rains
    What unite us?
    Only the boundless occean
    And the rain threads….
    Make us tied together forever
    Because still itz raining.

    When i saw thie snap in flicker page this lines rushed into my mind ,hope i didnt defame ur photo through my words

  4. Lovely composition but I feel I’m missing some colour in that umbrella, although it may well have been black in the first place. the lines of breaking surf are very attractive.

    (Love Photography)


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    Hatenkou Yuugi

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