Well, I didn’t kill the ‘cricket’. The fate was ‘already decided” by unknown forces. My mother wanted me to take the photo of these chillies and when i went there to take the snap, ‘the cricket’ was already lying there. As a common man, and I tried to ‘save cricket’. But it was too late and ‘cricket died forever’.

Some basic details about cricket and information about how to raise your own cricket, cricket suicide etc can be found here

its full of faces.
the ones which loves you,
the ones which sorely misunderstood you,
the ones that betrayed you.

they can redirect our life into all possible directions.
what is a wrong decision ?
something which makes us stronger.
i thank my wrong choices.
i thank those who formed vague refelections in my mind and
forced me to take them.

do you believe in them ?
damn it.
you will believe when you write about death and how easily you can handle it,
and then the next day morning you find any of your loved ones dead.
life is full of coincidences with mathematical precision.
I swear.

(vasantharagam 2006, Chirst College Auditorium, Bangalore)

Ho ho ! Everyone knows the famous singer Chitra (Six time national award winner) but who is the guy ? He is my dear roomie, friend, class mate etc etc. Today is his birthday! I think yesterday night he was expecting a cake and atleast a dull Happy Birthday wish from me. Somehow I decided against it and thought of doing it here. 😉

Happy Birthday My Dear Friend ! Happy birthday 007 !! (yea that is 007)

(Bang ! when he sees this, he is going to call he and greet me with all those funny names he calls me – sorry I can’t list any of them here :D)

ok, now thats two birthday wishes in a row. Lets talk about the music show – Vasantharagam 2006. First things first. The program started 1 hour late. The audience was losing patience – those who were not having their families with them. The ones with family still showed the gentleman ettique. LOL

Other than the IST part, the event was well organized. And featured Chitra, Sujatha, M Jayachandran, Afsal, Jyothsana, Alex, Remi Tomy and others

Kudoos to the organizers !

Some of the videos are shared below:

Karalinte Karale : Remi Tomy, Afsal

Mayangippoyi : Chitra

Kusuma Vadana Moha sundara.. : Remi Tomy, Jyothsana

Of hundreds of friends I have,
this guy is special.
When no one can help, no one can support
When in trouble, he appears out of thin air
Does his job in split of a second and
Alas, he is gone.
Once again, I am free. fearless
And I don’t need him anymore.

One of the stories about him and a warrior
goes like this ..
The hero who has fought so many wars,
turns around and checks his footsteps.
To his surprise, he finds a pair of footsteps
always following him and at times the footsteps
are beside his own foot steps. Yes, Its the footsteps
of the unseen friend whose presene he had always felt.
Then, he finds that at times when he was in trouble,
There is only his foot steps.
But then he realizes, those were not his.
Those deep footsteps were caused by someone
carrying an heavy object and who appears struggling
to walk.
It was the unseen friend carrying the warrior and
struggling all the way.

And when we check our foot steps,
what is that we are going to see ? Only a pair ?


Dedicated to the Almighty ….

(A devotee pouring oil on the idol at Kurishu Palli, Calicut / Kozhikode, Kerala for a wish that has come true or the ones yet to be fulfilled.)


Kurishu Palli : Friday’s Magic

This small church is Kozhokode / Calicut seems to be enjoying the large number of visitors it has. With an ever growing Stone idol the church attracts devotees belonging to all religions. The “9 Friday Magic Rule” which is applicable to many of the chruches works here also.

But then there was a school boy who wanted to have a bicycle and visited the church on 9 consecutive fridays or more. And right now he is writing the blog and he never owned a bicycle.

neeela nilavil thanichirikkan kothikkunna koottukara ninakku nandi …