10 thoughts on “Man & Machine

  1. Hmmmm the struggle between the primitive, human power and the power of the industrial age tractor. For years the paddy fields of Kerala reverberated with the calls for a halt to the relentless march of progress. Time was when a poor tractor driver was murdered for daring to take away the labourer’s job. But now the post-modern victory is that this very paradox is captured by the human beings power to visualize and capture the moment. The human spirit re-asserts itself.

    Sorry……. Or… I could have said “No Comment”, but then again, if I write it, it becomes a comment in itself, doesn’t it?

  2. well i had gone there 2 weeks back. I ventured out to the near by field, drenched in the rain and took these photos. Cannon cameras are water proof !

    There are too many leeches in the paddy fields 🙁

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