Route from Bangalore: Take Mysore Highway, from Maddur take diversion towards Malavalli. From Malavalli take right turn and go straight. Thats it. Talakkad is 27 kms from Somanathpur.

A tourist @ kesava Temple, Somanathpur

Outside kesava Temple, Somanathpur

From the Entrance …

Left side.

Inside the temple

One Random shot …

More … (click to enlarge)

Thanks to the great friends who were with me for the trip. So Where are we going next week ?

34 thoughts on “Somanathpura

  1. The girl really gives this shot heart. I love her bare feet and white dress and the red flower in her hands and the way she seems to be examining the intricacies of the wall. Also, kudos for getting the shot so straight!
    The World Through My Eyes

  2. when will I be able to look at my same old church.. with the curiosity of a child….? like a travellor ?? ….. is this churches and temples boring me a lot ? ….

  3. well, there was a comment from a seasoned photographer sonali which said: These photographs are plain ordinary. And should have tried to view things differently. (The post and the comment got deleted accidently. It was a big, useful comment)

    Reply: Sonali, I will try to do that in future. Also during this trip the time was very limited and all 8 of us were heading towards talakkad in bikes. May be a second trip to the place will help me spend some time in the temple. Also these posts are meant to help someone who is planning to visit the temple and that is why the route is given in the top.

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