Last weekend we ended up in a Talakkad. I must say that it is a mysterious place with Sand dunes and beautiful temples.

Siva Temple, Talakkad.

The festival in this temple is observed once in 12 years. This year the festival is being celebrated and it starts on November 20th 2006. (Well, the festival falls on the same year when Neela Kurinji blooms in Munnar !)

The Dwarpalaks (Gate Keepers)



The torso of the dwar palaks are Nandi’s Face !

The mysterious snake and rings

These granite rings, the snake and the corner of the roof is made of a single rock !!! Whoa!


On the way

The Gang

22 thoughts on “Talakkad

  1. Hi,
    Thanks for the information..
    I m going to talakkad this weekend.
    Hoping to have a good time..
    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  2. Nice place… We really missed those temples y’day 🙁
    Shall v go there again once the festival is completed? The roads will be proper then…. 🙂

  3. Everything is made of granite. The Gopuram is coloured. The entire place is under renovation. They are construting new roads and all. Looks like the new kumara swami Govt in Karnataka is quite good.

  4. the second pic on top is marvellous…good tone…except the stuff laid on the bottom…is the gopuram also made out of granite??
    why is it having that colour?

  5. road ? u said something ?

    There are no roads. Actually the goverment is reconstructing the roads because of the festival. (20 lakh pilgrims are expected to visit the temple during the festival.) Our situation was worse. The roads were covered with mud paste and we had hell lot of time riding the bikes.

    I will check out “Hale Bidu”

  6. The place is bful…went there last year. Btw, the temples remind me of Hale Bidu. That’s another architectural marvel. If you ever go there, try hiring the guide to explain. Its a fable worth hearing!

    ..Bout Talkad – how are the roads now? When we were coming back from there we had a harrowing time on the road…2 tyres went flat in a space of 2 kms…Lest we got stranded at a isolated village, we drove back with a flat tyre at top speed till we reached a place where we could get the tyre fixed 🙂

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