20 thoughts on “True Spirit (of life)

  1. What a wonderful shot. I really enjoy seeing photos that show slices of everyday life. And I love the double meaning of your title.

    (seen in your photostream)

  2. @ vishnu:

    its looks like vodka but tastes like scotch or wine.

    @t & Dinsan:

    it is different from terrorism and those who deal with arms or someone killing wild animals for fun.

    what is terrorism ? and who are terrorists. ? for the world terrorists are those who did 9/11 and that terrorist brand was created by American’s itself. The big brands of terrorism are nothing but by products of cold war. (I am not forgetting the small brands of terrorism or the local groups fighting for justice in every other country. But those who don’t have a good brand name are simply irrevelant right ? )

    These people who does what is in the pic are innocent tribals who are left with nothing to keep their body and soul together. They don’t grow crops. There is no honey left in the jungle, still the hunger remains. These people used to prepare liquor as a part of daily life. To escape from cold, to celebrate their festivals etc. Now they found that their liquid has customers and they started selling it.

  3. have a sip and think u had vodka-lol,well i dont drink for health reasons-only water please,good luck-all have to survive!!!!!!

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