ജന്മദിനാശംസകല്‍ നേരുന്നു …

(Happy Birthday Surya !)

Regarding a wh*re and fish rain

(‘*’ is to be replaced with ‘o’ – its just a trick to fool the filters)

Met these childern on my last wayanad trip. When they saw me they started running, I managed to take the camera, put it in Auto mode and click. One of the shots is posted above.

Later I found out who these childern were. Their mother was/is an Adiyathi (tribal people of Wayanad). But she is outcasted from her house and colony because of this children and now she lives in a small hut, probaly in goverment owned land. She is just another unmarried adiyathi mother. Just one another wh*re or thevidissias others who molested her address her. There are hundreds of such cases in various parts of wayanad.

Today, I am going to Wayanad again.

An elder Adiyathi women aka Perumatti:

Fish Rain

Today morning, The malayam daily Deepika reported about an intresting phenomenon. In some parts of kerala, fishes are falling down from sky. (along with rain drops) !!

Report is here

But as pointed out by a friend, there is always a scientific explanation for everything. here

Walking away …

She is far away.
I have seen her walking away.
I have seen her walking away with my past.
But it can’t be real for the mirror says,
its an illusion.
its an illusiion.

Rain …

( Monsoon @ Mananchira square, Calicut/Kerala. )

( Monsoon & Football fever. SM Street, Calicut/Kerala. )

near my home ..

finally I got a chance to go home, drench in the rain and take some snaps.